Transforming their understanding thus transform their identities?

Once I proposed them to develop a drawing about a cloth they would like to develop , and Alassana (pic.2) answered me  : ” this is a problem. the ‘director’ is pushing us to think” and we all laugh.

This seams like a naif answer, but in fact is a deeper one. Most of the tailors  on this group had few chances to  draw , because most  of them are confined to reproduce  and copy during them practices on ateliers and daily life.

During the session ,  most of them took a fashion magazine and copied or recreate a new model from that one they selected.  Others they draw directly on the paper.  The most creative part resulted when they applied colors and textile textures, and add an “african identity “( see the dress of fig1) to the base-body- model – drawing  that I give to them to dress.

Here I intend to work on cognitive knowledge, in other to teach them, I propose them to share them behaviors about clothes.

March, 2012

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