Contemporary immigration is a subject of profound debate on social sciences. Different causes, impacts, modalities, trajectories and intensities may have canvass results. Here I talk about the emigration of African tailors, issues, dreams and (un)visibility. The group of tailors arrived in Portugal in different times and circumstances. Some of them already tried other countries but they had strong difficulties facing legalization processes. So Portugal still a dream to become a european citizen. Some of them they already have a family here but most left family behind, to follow the dream of a a better life. From 10 years to 6 month emigration period , most of them followed a necessity  to work and to develop the educational level, in Europe . When they arrived they found an hostile society that marginalized them. They found no space unless the  protection of the community. So they still  live in the border, that stamp them as a stranger . “Go for your land” is the most usual slogan that portuguese people still  shouting  on the streets. So, African tailors work for african community and rarely they have a portuguese costumer. Some of the tailors work at home , some on the only room they can rent;  others they got a place at Commercial center “Habib” ( Avenida  Almirante Reis , Lisboa) and they rent the place to the Indian owner.

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